Demo Reel - Highlights from my personal and client work - Video, Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX.

The Death Drive (2015) - Director, Editor, VFX. - In collaboration with Michael Bourne. After being on exhibit at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, this film traveled internationally winning “Best Short Film” at several film festivals.

The Alligator Hunter Trailer (2017) - Director, Animator. - Collaboration with Mallori Taylor & Michael Bourne. While traveling internationally to over 10 film festivals, this animated film was awarded “Audience Favorite” at the London Short Film Festival.

New Century (2018) - Director, Editor. – After hitting 100k views on its launch, this 360° Music Video was awarded “Top 5 Videos of the Week” by Kaltblut Magazine.

RAIDERS! - Assistant Editor, Motion Designer. – Working with About Face Media. – This documentary showcasing “The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made” made its world premiere at SXSW in 2015.

The Death Drive Making Of (2016) - Director, Editor. – This short doc goes behind-the-scenes of the award-winning short film, The Death Drive.